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Queer Romance Books
by Anya Wildt


As We Fall

Peace is a dangerous business. Domitris has had to learn that lesson well, and he has a lot to prove as the first Elected Emperor of Marmaras. But even with the power of the throne, brokering a treaty with the enemy nation Dassosda is no easy task.


As his council undermines his efforts at every turn and negotiations are hanging by a thread, his focus is stolen by the captivating but mysterious man, Sinnan. Sinnan is alluring, fun, and easy – everything Domitris’ life isn’t.


After an attempt on his life, Domitris must find the perpetrators to save himself and his country. With only days left before signing the treaty, the fate of the empire and the fragile truce with Dassosda are slowly falling apart. In the midst of political chaos and fighting for his life, Domitris is forced to rely on the help of his new mischievous lover to keep the crown. Dragged into a world of half truths and beautiful lies, Domitris must decide who to trust, as his council, Sinnan, and even as his own heart seem to be playing tricks on him.

As We Fall is an adult fantasy novel blabla ... and steamy m/m romance

Want to know more about the inspiration for writing this book? Check out the about page!

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